What is .Asl file in Photoshop?

.ASL File Extension

What is an ASL file?

An ASL file may be a layer style which will be utilized in Adobe Photoshop, knowledgeable image-editing application. It contains one or more preset visual effects that a Photoshop user can apply to a layer. ASL files are commonly shared online, which allows Photoshop users to download and apply other users’ styles to their layers.

As a Photoshop user edits a picture , they will apply visual effects that alter how the layers their image contains appear. for instance , a user could apply an overview and drop shadow effect to a text layer, to line the text aside from the remainder of their image. If a user plans to use an equivalent set of effects to multiple layers, they will save that set of effects as a layer style, or ASL file.
How do I access and use Photoshop layer styles?

Users can see the layer styles they need access to by selecting Window → Styles from Photoshop’s menu bar. The Styles window will then appear in Photoshop.

To apply a method to a layer, select the layer from the Layers tab, then select the design you would like to use from the Styles window. the consequences the design contains are going to be applied to the layer.
How do I create a replacement Photoshop layer style?

To save a group of effects as a layer style:

From the Layers tab, select the layer that you’ve got applied the set of effects to.
within the Styles window, select the Create new style button.
After the New Style window appears, give your style a reputation and choose OK.


How do I export a Photoshop layer style?

To export a layer style, select and right-click the design within the Styles window. Then, select Export Selected Styles…. Photoshop will ask where you would like to save lots of the exported style.

After you export a method , you’ll share it with other Photoshop users to permit them to use that style to their Photoshop layers.

How do I open an ASL file?

You can import ASL files into Adobe Photoshop (Windows, Mac) to use them as layer styles. To import a layer style into Photoshop:

From the Photoshop menu bar, select Edit -> Presets -> Export/Import Presets….
Click the Select Import Folder button, navigate to the folder that contains your ASL file(s), then open .
within the Export/Import Presets window, Photoshop will list the presets you’ll import within the Source Presets section. Select the presets you would like to import then click the -> button to maneuver them to the Presets to Import section.
Select the Import Presets button.

The next time you open the Styles window (by selecting Window ->Styles from Photoshop’s menu bar), the ASL files you imported will appear and be available to use as layer styles.
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