Countries that do not have Their Own Standing Army

Costa Rica: Costa Rica abolished its military in 1948 and maintains a small public security force for law enforcement purposes.

Iceland: Iceland does not have a standing army. Its defense is provided by the United States through the U.S.-Iceland Defense Agreement and its membership in NATO.

Palau: Palau is another country that does not have its own military. It is protected by the United States under a Compact of Free Association.

Mauritius: Mauritius does not maintain a standing army but has a paramilitary force for internal security.

Panama: Panama abolished its military in 1990 after the U.S. invasion and now relies on its police force for security.

Andorra: Andorra is a small European principality without a standing army. Its defense is the responsibility of France and Spain.

Grenada: Grenada does not maintain a military force and relies on its police force for internal security.

Solomon Islands: The Solomon Islands do not have a military, and their security is assisted by Australia and New Zealand.

Tuvalu: Tuvalu does not have a military and relies on assistance from countries like Australia and New Zealand for its defense.

Vatican City: The Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world and has no military. It relies on the security provided by the Italian police and military.