How to color Diacritical Marks

كيفية تلوين علامات التشكيل

What is a diacritical mark?

A diacritical mark is an icon or a symbol that tells us how to pronounce a letter. It is a part of learning to speak and write a new language. The language is becoming familiar with its diacritical marks or accents.

Diacritical marks can be wavy lines, or dots, and they can hover above or below a letter or be attached to it. They’re also known asdiacriticsoraccents.

Diacritical marks are there to show you how a letter sounds when you say it out loud. The wordسائِين٘م, for example, includes diacritical marks which tells you how to pronounce the letters having particular signs.

How to colour the Diacritical Marks in Microsoft Office Word?

How to color Diacritical Marks
How to color Diacritical Marks? كيفية تلوين علامات التشكيل؟

In Microsoft Office word 10 and above version

  1. Open Microsoft Office Word and write the passage and put the necessary marks in it.
  1. Then in the menu ribbon
    • File >
    • Options >

Word options will be opened. Then follow the following steps

  • Advanced Options >
  • Show document content
  • Diacritics Box (Checked)
  • Use this color for diacritics (Check the box)
  • Choose the colour of your choice
  • Press OK below
Diacritical Marks Tutorial Pic
How to color Diacritical Marks? كيفية تلوين علامات التشكيل؟

See the result

How to color Diacritical Marks? Tutorial_Pic3
How to color Diacritical Marks? كيفية تلوين علامات التشكيل؟

For more watch my video on YouTube.

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