Sarem Sindhi Fonts 1.0

Love takes many forms, and throughout history, we find numerous examples of profound expressions of love between individuals, as well as their love for their motherland. Such deep connections often leave an indelible mark on the pages of history, immortalizing those who embody the essence of devotion. Similarly, when it comes to expressing unwavering love for Sindh and the Sindhi language, one name that stands out is Sanaullah Manganejo Sarem—a young man who has made significant contributions to Sindhi computing and left an enduring legacy.

Sanaullah Manganejo Sarem and His Love for Sindhi Language

Sanaullah Manganejo Sarem:

Sarem is a dynamic figure in the realm of Sindhi computing, playing a pivotal role in giving Sindhi writing or script hundreds of captivating forms, fueled by his unyielding passion for the Sindhi language. His immense contributions include a remarkable collection of Sindhi fonts, exemplifying the beauty of modern calligraphy. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to proclaim Sarem as the foremost Sindhi font designer worldwide, having created over 400 standard fonts solely for the Sindhi language, generously offering them without any expectation of compensation.

Impact and Reach of Sarem’s Fonts

Significance of Sarem’s Fonts:

Through Sarem’s fonts, in conjunction with the diligent efforts of other young individuals, the Sindhi language has become synonymous with elegance in South Asia when it comes to typographical representation. These fonts have not only facilitated the expansion of Sindhi’s visual presence but have also propelled it to the forefront as the royal language of the region in terms of font diversity.

Website and Revolutionary Initiatives

In 2008, Sarem launched his personal website,, providing easy access to his fonts for free download. This website has served as a valuable resource for Sindhi typography enthusiasts, further disseminating his creations to a wider audience.

Revolutionary Initiatives:

Sarem’s contributions extend beyond font design. He was a trailblazer in implementing mobile templates for Sindhi websites, replacing animated GIF image banners with dynamic and colorful “text-based” Sindhi banners. These pioneering efforts are now part of the esteemed archives of website, housing one of the largest collections in the online world.

Unmatched Features and Achievements

Features of Sarem’s Fonts:

The fonts crafted by Sanaullah Manganejo Sarem boast multilingual/multi-script support, enabling writing in Sindhi, Urdu, Syriac, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, and other languages. These fonts adhere to Unicode standards and offer seamless compatibility across various platforms.

Notable Achievements:

Sarem’s accomplishments include being the first font designer to create a full bleeding font, complete with blood-like droplets, specifically for Sindhi language in Arabic script—an innovation previously absent in Arabic, Persian, or Urdu. He also developed the first dotted Sindhi font for calligraphy instruction, showcasing his dedication to nurturing the art of handwriting. Furthermore, Sarem stands as the pioneer among Sindhi font designers in incorporating support for the Syriac language, with plans to expand multilingual capabilities in future iterations of his fonts.

Positive Impact and Recognition

Extended Font Functionality:

Sarem’s fonts introduced the inclusion of both regular and stressed variations within a single Sindhi font, enhancing the possibilities for creative expression in the Sindhi language.

Wide Usage and Recognition:

Since 2008, Sarem’s fonts have been downloaded millions of times and extensively employed in Sindhi print and electronic media, encompassing dramas, program titles, newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and Android and desktop applications. Noteworthy examples include the groundbreaking alphabetical desktop application of Shah Jo Risalo, developed by Krishan Kumar Lohana and the mobile app of Shah Jo Risalo by Raja Sand for both android and IOS users.

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