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Sindhi fonts are the modern digital writing styles used widely on Windows, Linux and Mac PCs nowadays and simply available on the world wide web. it’s a incontrovertible fact that Sindhi language is that the richest language among all the South Asian languages like, Urdu, hindi, Punjabi, Saraiki etc. which have a largest collection of the fonts in it’s computing today.

There are many font designers in Sindhi language who contributed a huge amount of Sindhi fonts free of cost as a service to Sindhi people particularly to their mother tongue Sindhi. Among these prominent font designers Abdul Majid Bhurgri, Abdus Sattar Zargar, Shabbir Kumbhar, Aziz Mangrio, Masroor Pirzado, Ahmed Soomro, Masoom Sahil and Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem etc are the best known.

We on https://sindhifonts.com/ offer Sindhi fonts for you to download and install on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC for free of charge. You may brows our large collection of Sindhi fonts and choose the fonts you like the most. Most of the fonts provided here on sindhifonts.com and sindhifonts.com/sd are multilingual and support Sindhi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Saraiki languages too. It is not needed to download all the fonts as a bundle and keep excessive fonts in your computer.

You can preview all the fonts before downloading to find out if the design matches your desire. In the font collection you’ll find Unicode fonts also as standard typeface Sindhi fonts for any of the printing purposes. Unicode fonts also works with printing software like Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator etc.

Sindhi fonts are free of charge to download and install within the device of your choice. But if you plan to use these for commercial projects, you would possibly got to acquire permission from the creators of the font(s). We don’t hold any responsibility nor grant permission for commercially use of some of the fonts or typefaces of the other Sindhi Fonts Designers available on our website. Please plow ahead and browse the collection of dozens of beautiful Sindhi fonts.

What’s new on Sindhi Fonts?

This is the first Sindhi fonts’ website where you can check all the fonts in your own words by typing in the text editor before downloading.

چـــــــلو یہ حـــــــرفِ مـــــــحبت فقط تســـــــلی صـــــــحیح
اســـــــی بہـــــــانے کسی کا تـــــــو کام چـــــــلتا ہے۔

You may find all the updated fonts in the Font 2.0.

In all the old fonts the different shapes of the letter ھ are coded correctly.

Arabic Marks حرڪات are placed carefully on their due places.

Sarem Iqra and MB Lateefi | About Sindhi Fonts
Sarem Iqra and MB Lateefi | About Sindhi Fonts

A standard font like MB Sarem Iqra has been customized as per the requirement of the Sindhi websites, which is a complete font in every way.

The font MB Sarem News has been designed as an alternative to “Awami Font” for Sindhi newspapers. In order to reduce the space, hundreds of Kerning Pairs has been added.

Sarem News and Awami | About Sindhi Fonts
Sarem News and Awami | About Sindhi Fonts
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