Top 20 Fonts of 2021

Most Downloaded and the Designers Choice Fonts of 2021

Sindhi Fonts Dot Com presents the most downloaded and the designers’ choice fonts of 2021 in zipped fonts pack. These fonts are chosen as the first choice of the users who mostly downloaded them from the

The fonts pack consists of every sort of fonts family and design like, regular, bold, Kasheeda etc and are useful in any sort of Typography, Headings, Paragraphs including stylish texts.

The font pack consists of multilingual supporting fonts like Sindhi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Saraiki languages. Following fonts are included in the fonts pack…

Sarem Abbas Korejo, Sarem Ali Hassan Mallah, Sarem Asad, Sarem Ayaz, Sarem Ayesha, Sarem Dr Altaf Jokhio, Sarem Dr Ihsan Danish, Sarem Habib, Sarem Habib Sajid, Sarem Hasnain, Sarem Iqra, Sarem M Azam, Sarem Masroor, Sarem Noor Ahmed Sindhi, Sarem Prof Altaf Shaikh, Sarem Saeed Sindhi, Sarem Shah Jo Risalo, Sarem Sojhiro, Sarem Tabassum, Sarem Veena Shiringi

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Best Sindhi Fonts

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