What are Font Awesome Icons

What are Font Awesome Icons?

Font Awesome is a complete library of scalable vector image icons and fonts . You can use for your websites, native apps, designs and projects. Thousands of icons are freely available on Font Awesome website. A more complete pack with even more icons can be purchased from their website.

In the latest version of the Font Awesome pack, the fonts are now divided into 5 styles packs:

  • Solid Icons
  • Regular Icons
  • Light Icons
  • Duotone Icons
  • new THIN Icons
  • Brand Icons
  • Humanitarian Icons

How many Icons are included in the Font Awesome 6.1?

Fonts Awesome icons 6.1 contains total 16,083 icons with 5 styles separated in 68 categories including 8,269 new icons having 2,009 free and open-source icons in the list.

In collaboration with United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for humanitarian has included the icons in Font Awesome 6.1 in the category named Humanitarian icons.

Solid Icons

Solid icons are great for small sizes which bring contrast to the text.

Font Awesome Icons Solid
Font Awesome

Regular Icons

Regular icons can blend in with the regular text. These icons are easy and readable.

Font Awesome Icons Regular
Font Awesome

Light Icons

Light icons can be used when you need a lighter touch to the text.

Font Awesome Icons Light
Font Awesome

Duotone Icons

Duotone icons are for an illustrated touch and grabbing attention.

Font Awesome Icons Duotone
Font Awesome


THIN icons are the best for use and can fit with the latest super-light designs easily.

Font Awesome Icons THIN
Font Awesome

Brand Icons

Brands icons enables you to use the social logos from 450+ brand icons to your designs, native apps, projects and websites.

Font Awesome Brand Icons
Font Awesome

Humanitarian icons

Humanitarian icons depict themes of interest to the humanitarian community. It represents clusters, disaster types, categories of affected people, and relief items.

Font Awesome Humanitarian Icons
Font Awesome
1. Entirely new SHARP family of icons is coming soon in late 2022.

2. If you can’t find the icons of your choice in the lists you are browsing then you may request or suggest an idea of the icon on their website.

Regular icons are pay, light icons are paid, and brands are free. Make sure to use the correct prefix, either fas for solid free icons, or fantastic for branded free icons.

The list of Font Awesome icons continues to grow. It is a good idea to check their website regularly for the latest pack available. Eventually get a licensed pack to access the entire collection. Font Awesome icons contain free and paid icons to choose from. You may use icons both from the standard fas-fa icon package and the fab-fa icon brands package.

Font Awesome Icons Categories List

AEmoji IconsN
Accessibility IconsEnergy IconsNature Icons
Alert IconsFNumbers Icons
Alphabet IconsFiles IconsP
Animals IconsFilm + Video IconsPhotos + Images Icons
Arrows IconsFood + Beverage IconsPolitical Icons
Astronomy IconsFruits + Vegetables IconsPunctuation + Symbols Icons
Automotive IconsGR
BGaming IconsReligion Icons
Buildings IconsGenders IconsS
Business IconsHScience Fiction Icons
CHalloween IconsScience Icons
Camping IconsHands IconsSecurity Icons
Charity IconsHolidays IconsShapes Icons
Charts + Diagrams IconsHousehold IconsShopping Icons
Childhood IconsHumanitarian IconsSocial Icons
Clothing + Fashion IconsLSpinners Icons
Coding IconsLogistics IconsSports + Fitness Icons
Communication IconsMT
Connectivity IconsMaps IconsText Formatting Icons
Construction IconsMaritime IconsTime Icons
DMarketing IconsToggle Icons
Design IconsMathematics IconsTransportation Icons
Devices + Hardware IconsMedia Playback IconsTravel + Hotel Icons
Disaster + Crisis IconsMedical + Health IconsU
EMoney IconsUsers + People Icons
Editing IconsMoving IconsW
Education IconsMusic + Audio IconsWeather Icons
Writing Icons

Use your browser’s search function and look for words similar to the icons you would like to find. There are most likely icons available for your needs, but they are named (in English only) with a different word than the one you would first think of. Font Awesome 6’s list of free icons is huge and will probably fit most of your design needs.

Font Awesome Icon Animation

Font Awesome animation enables users to make the icons fit in their projects. It provides the variety of the animations for the icons. It consists Beat, Fade, Beat-Fade, Bounce, Flip, Shake and Spin animations.

Font Awesome Styling Toolkit takes the trouble out of sizing, rotating, and stacking icons, so you can make your site pop with animations. How to use animated icons visit the Font Awesome page for details.

You may use Font Awesome icons in any of your projects by using a set of tools supported by Font Awesome icons.

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