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Sarem Ayesha 2.0 is a Sindhi Font for your designs particularly for the headings. It confirms the latest Unicode standards also. Sarem Ayesha 2.0 is free of charge to download and install on your computer.

If you’d wish to use Sarem Ayesha 2.0 font for commercial purposes please contact designer to get permission. If Sarem Ayesha 2.0 is published under an ingenious Commons license, you’ll see more information about the permitted uses it within the license info.

You’ll also see license info for this Sindhi font under the font file properties or inside the download folder. This font comes with a multilingual support. Itsupports Sindh, Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Saraiki languages.

You may use the Sindhi font Sarem Ayesha 2.0 for your personal use, school projects, personal design works, etc. without acquiring permission. Have a nice day!

چـــــــلو یہ حـــــــرفِ مـــــــحبت فقط تســـــــلی صـــــــحیح
اســـــــی بہـــــــانے کسی کا تـــــــو کام چـــــــلتا ہے۔

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